Google apps work better in iPhone than Android!

It is difficult to understand and wired to digest, but its true! Google is making better applications for iPhone than Android. According to our teams research and experience we can feel that somehow Google apps are working better with iOS devices. There are many applications that are not even currently available for Android devices like motion stills, GBoards and many more.

Google is currently working on getting these apps for Android devices but its seems impossible for now. We all are aware of the fact that third party downloads are not supported by Apple. Still, the Google Keyboard  for iPhone is quite an interesting application. It allows you to type words fluently. Due to third party download Apple restricts it to work properly but you cannot ignore the smart features and touch inside.

If we talk about Google Hangout, this is an application that works well on Android devices but for sure you’ll love it in iOS devices. Google Hangout in Android devices keep changing its layout and settings after every month – this is quite frustrating. Whereas in iOS you can use the extensions to share direct links with friends over hangout through pop out share sheet.

Motion still images is an exclusive application for iOS devices. Well, the bad news is that it is still not available for Android devices. No doubt Motion still is an amazing app where it makes a short movies of your images while clicking a picture. It brings your live photos back to life with advance rendering and stabilization. Turn your photos into GIFs and share it with your friends an family.  Isn’t this awesome? Somehow, this has become the default way for iPhone users to capture their pictures anytime and anywhere

motion still

According to me, Google has to work harder with Android devices in context to Applications. They are planning to launch these apps for android devices soon. Undoubtedly, Google is really putting in efforts with iOS devices or I should say that Apple should work harder with its applications to make it better. Well we all are desperately waiting for these apps to be launched for Android devices as soon as possible.

Till then I would request you all to please install Motion still images and try it out, its quite amazing.

Major Features of SnapTube

SnapTube video downloader is one of the newest applications that have hit the market. This downloader app can easily download and save videos from popular websites like Dailymotion, YT, Facebook, YouTube and many more. It is fast, reliable and efficient. With the digital world growing every day, SnapTube has presented ways that users can easily do each task online. SnapTube features are always upgraded to the finest and latest technology. Other video downloader applications consider it as a real competitor.

snaptube download

SnapTube has several features that one cannot ignore;

  • SnapTube supports over 50 online video websites. One is able to download the videos from various apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YT and many more. With this added feature, any user is able to enjoy different types of videos from anywhere. Users can easily save the videos as well as audios for offline viewing.
  • SnapTube does not have in adverts. The in ads are annoying and always make a user think twice about downloading the app. SnapTube video downloader lets you download your videos without any interruptions of adverts. This is a good feature that makes the app stand out from its competitors.
  • SnapTube allows the user to download videos without installing the download manager app. It supports all types of downloads from any social network.
  • It has a multiple resolution where the users can easily select from. SnapTube video downloader allows the users to set a video resolution as well as download it as per their personal requirements.
  • The feature supports one click MP3 download. For users who just want to download the audio and not a video file, SnapTube is able to offer that. Lovers of audios can utilize this feature.
  • SnapTube has an inbuilt video search feature. Users do not have to visit any video website to get their video. The app automatically scans the most relevant and required videos that are present and then lets you choose.
  • If you are looking to stay updated with the latest videos all over the world through different channels, SnapTube offers that. It has a category that shows all the latest and most downloaded videos by users.
  • Users are able to manage the videos they are downloading. They can pause, stop and play the video that is being downloaded.

To summarize it;

  • SnapTube is one of the most amazing video downloader apps. It offers different kinds of features that users are able to enjoy.
  • SnapTube app wont pester you with annoying ads and pop ups.
  • SnapTube supports Android devices but can also be downloaded to a Windows device. Instructions of how to download it are available in the internet.
  • With this application, users can never be bored. They can easily access the latest, best and favorite videos from their SnapTube homepage.
  • Since the app can be downloaded to your smartphone, one does not have to be at home in order to view their videos.


These features give you more than enough reasons to download the app to your device and PC.

Top 5 Photo editing app for Android

We can clearly see the advancement in technology. It is growing day by day. Where, capturing a picture used to be a big deal, now we can even edit the pictures according to our choice. I have the power to change the colour of my picture to the background scenery in front of which I am standing. Isn’t that great?

Lets have a look on some of the best Photo Editing apps –

  1. Photo Editor Pro

A very comprehensive photo editor, you can do almost any thing with it. Some of the basic features are –

  • Beautiful photo frames and filters.
  • Fun stickers
  • Colour effects
  • One tap photo enhance
  • Crop, rotate and flip

picsart pro


2. Photo editor by Aviary

It has a very easy and intuitive user interface. Especially made for quick editing and sharing. Contains all the features that any other app would have. The updates to this application is being processed.

photo editor by adivary

3. Photo editor collage maker Pro

With being a photo editor, it also rules other application in collage making. It provides you with amazing stickers, easy user interface, beautiful filters, awesome text and backgrounds. What more can we expect ! I don’t think I have to explain any further, it is quite self explanatory.

photo editor collagemaker


4. PIP camera – Photo editor Pro

Best photo frames for selfies ! You can enjoy some of the best frames, backgrounds, stickers and much more. It leaves you with amazing after effects. You have to try it. As you can see below, the pictures are given some extra ordinary effects with unique background.



5. Photo Editor – In one tap

Photo editor leaves you with a mesmerizing experience. It is providing you with the same frames, effects, sharpness, filters yet, it comes out to be better than any other application. Photo editor gives you a perfect picture that an be shared on all social media websites. For better understanding you have to try it !

photo editor one tap


I guess I have covered almost all the application that you should know. For any suggestions or questions please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you !

Top 5 Android Task Manager app

Android has come a long way in providing some of the best applications. It is one of the best software in market today ! I am sure we all are aware of this fact. But there are some inbuilt defaults in the software like – the applications you download, they work in background using your phones battery and memory.

To solve this issue, Google play store has come up with some amazing application called the task managers – they handle your phone and its application in  a very easy way.I will be giving you a very brief introduction to all the apps, users can always visit their official sites.  Let’s see some of the best task manager applications for Android users.

  1. ES Task Managers – Task killer

    ES Task manager is one amazing app that works for free on your Android phone. It lets you know about the various app that work in the background and eat up the battery life. The other features are –

  • Save battery
  • Free memory
  • kill task
  • Uninstall the app
  • Speed up the phone

ES task manager


        2. GO Cleaner & Task Manager

It is a must have tool, it cleans up the cache, kills threats and protects your phone from unwanted viruses. It is a very easy to understand application as it works automatically towards the               apps. Its features are –

  • One click to kill running app and speed up the process.
  • Delete your private records off line and on line.
  • Disable apps running in the background.
  • Cleans cache to speed up.



      3. Wunderlist – To do list

Wunderlist is helping million of people by organizing their to do list. It is quite different from other applications and that is why Wunderlist is in top 5 list. The features you must know are –

  • Creates all the list you need and users can access them through phone, tablet or computers
  • Easily share list with family and friends
  • Starts conversation of your to – do list.
  • Attach photo’s, videos and presentations very easily.
  • Gives you reminders regarding important meetings.Wunderlist



     4. SystemPanelLite – Task Manager

SystemPanelLite App is designed very beautifully. It works like butter on your phone. Of course this app is available as free or Paid, therefore, it provides features according to them. It allows           you to kill the unwanted memory eating application on your phone. This app monitors your system and notifies you if something looks odd. I guess I have already told you some of the main              features !



     5. Watchdog Task Manager

Watchdog task manager is the fastest running application on android. It allows you to monitor your system by keeping a close eye on all apps. As soon as any of the app misbehaves, Watchdog          takes a quick action to save you from unwanted problems. It kills the app in just one tap and saves the other resources. I guess I have provided you with all the important information.



These were the Top 5 task manager for Android. You can see the comparison and decide which one to download. For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you !

How to use Facetime on iPad?

image 2

Facetime is a free video calling for Apple users only. Facetime is available for Apple users since 2010. It is very easy to use, you just need internet connection and apple registration.

Users need to be careful about their Internet connection while using Facetime.

Mostly facetime should be used with WiFi connection, of course it can be used with Data pack but you need to keep an eye on the data limit.

image 2

There are few simple steps that will allow you to use Facetime application. Please remember that Facetime can be used only with facetime PC users on the other side.

So, let’s see the steps –

Step 1 – Open “settings” and then “Facetime”

Step 2 – iPhone users don’t need to bother as registration is done automatically. For iPad users they can register with Apple “E – Mail id” and sign in

Step 3 – Once the registration is done, go back to the home screen and launch “Facetime”.

Step 4 – As soon as the Facetime opens. You will see a contact list on your right hand side. Choose any one name for face to face talk.

Step 5 – Facetime will start calling the person from your contact list. As soon as he/she on the other side is ready to pick up the call, your screen will show “connecting” to the user.

Step 6 – Now you can talk freely without facing any problem.

I hope I could solve your problem. For any other issue or question please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

Review – Facetime is the only app that provides you with amazing video quality. The video calling is great – crisp and clean. There are very few dropped calls that too all because of weak internet, so we can’t blame the app.

 Audio is very clear and natural, it stays in sync with the video unlike other video chatting apps. It feels as if actually talking to someone face to face.

Facetime is limited to making calls on WiFi, the only reason is to not to make the process slow due to the internet network. And secondly, Facetime can only be used with Apple users, that means If I have an iPad or iPhone I can use facetime with another user of Apple only.

Otherwise, if we see the overall performance of Facetime, I can say that it gives you the best video calling experience.

MovieBox for PC: Best Movie Download App


Hello friends! This article is for those who are searching for the proper review of MovieBox and hence I can say you have landed on the proper page to know the things.

Moviebox is an amazing app that allows users to watch the desirable videos in various formats and on various devices like PC, iOS, Mac. The videos can be seen on various platforms like MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 etc. There is another app called Showbox app that allows to watch the movies with the similar features. So, let me explain on how to download and install Moviebox on various platforms.


Moviebox For Windows Download in PC, Mac or iOS:

Like I said, the app can be downloaded on various platforms. Just follow the steps before trying in practical.

Moviebox Download for Mac:

In general Moviebox is not applicable for the users of Mac, and it also not available on the Play Store. But there is a alternative for Mac where you can enjoy watching desirable videos. It is Showbox for Mac. You can find all the videos with the exact features of Moviebox on Mac.

For iPad or iOS or iPhone:

It is actually simple for iPad or iOS 8/8.1/8.1.1/8.1.3. All you need is to download it initially and all the change will be lead to the date of December 1, 2014. Now open another browser, Safari in the device and click here. You can use this link and here. The password is moviebox.

This is the simple way where one can get the Moviebox done in Apple devices. People who can’t get it on Mac can enjoy the same videos on the other platform provided. It too has the same features as for the Moviebox.

In the similar way, you can get the Moviebox for Windows OS too. Here click on here to install the Moviebox on your PC and you can also download Showbox for PC which has the similar features for Windows and Laptop same as that of Moviebox. Just click on here to Showbox download. Show box is not much different from the Moviebox. One can enjoy the same features of videos on both the sites. So, the people who can download both can enjoy the films or TV – programs on both the applications.

This is all for now about the installation of Moviebox in the iPad, iPod, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms. In case of a query, you can just leave a comment where the concerned team will answer them within no time.

How To Download Youtube Videos From VidMate app

This video guides you on downloading youtube video using vidmate app. It’s damn simple, you just need to download this app using the website given below and follow the instruction given in the website. You can even watch the youtube video using this while the downloading is in progress. It claims to be the fast video downloading app available in the market.

Source –

Download Snapseed for PC – Windows and Mac


Clicking photos are easy, but clicking great ones! That’s pretty difficult. Are you one of them looking for an app to customize your photos? I am sure you don’t want to post your latest images without the filters or any editing. Obviously, you can’t afford a designer to edit your personal images. So why not use an app which is the perfect solution!


Well, there is an app that can edit your personal images without any difficulty. The best part, you can do with images whatever you want. You are the incharge. Whatever you need to add up as a filter or text etc. This can be done with Snapseed!

Within a short time frame, Snapseed gain a lot of popularity and positive response from the users. Because everyone is not a photoshop expert! Snapseed allows everyone to edit his photo with simple interface, but with advanced features.


As smartphone app this has been loved by millions of users. But people always ask for more. They wanted the app for PC or Mac.

Well, installing Snapseed on the PC is possible. This article is totally dedicated on how to install Snapseed on Windows PC or Mac.

But before going further, you first have to take a look upon its premium features.

  • Snpaseed has the capability of correcting your photos using auto correct feature.
  • Snapseed has the versatility and great range of filters for your photos. The famous filters include vintage, grunge and more.
  • Total 13 filters are offered by Snapseed. But this is not end. Each filter has sub sets for providing better customization features.
  • With Snpaseed, you can easily enlarge any part of the photos. Secondly, you can even focus any object which is blurred in an actual image.
  • Angles can be changed and set as per your needs using Snpaseed.
  • With one click you can share your edited pictures to social media like Facebook, Google+ etc.

How To Download Snapseed On Windows PC?

Well, Snapseed is an android app. It is not possible to directly download and install the app on the Windows. So how to get this app on the PC? Luckily we have a perfect solution. We need another software to use this app.

Here is the simple procedure of installing Snapseed on PC:

  • Download the Bluestacks android emulator on the PC.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once installed, open up the Bluestacks.
  • Search for Snapseed in the search bar.
  • Download and install the Snapseed.
  • That’s it!

How to send files using WiFi in Windows Phone

So there’s a lot of talk on how to share files over WiFi but there’s still some dearth of good video tutorials. So here’s a video we found on YouTube where you can learn some quick and easy ways to get your data flowing from one device to another in a matter of seconds.

The video comes from a YouTube channel called TechHYPE, and this is one video i’d personally recommend to all who want to get some more utility out of their Windows phones. Happy viewing!

Good, right? In case of any queries, feel free to contact us.

How to Transfer and Share Apps, Files using Xender


People are aware of the file transfer activities. Every single day, people find new ways of sending files or data between two smart devices. The days are old now, when Bluetooth was the only option to send data between two devices. USB cables are becoming an ancient thing now. Today is the era of Apps! In every operating system, Apps are like prevailing giants!


Hundreds of apps are available both on Android and iOS for file transfer. Data transfer of images, songs or videos are easy using apps. Most popular apps include Xender and SHAREit. The problem is with sharing installed apps. You cannot send directly installed apps from one device to another. This cannot be achieved through wifi even. So what we do now? Xender is the answer.

With the help of Xender, you can actually send installed apps from one device to another. This is a very complicated process. Installed app is not like other data formats. Xender first has to convert installed app into APK and send to another device. But luckily, Xender does the headache. We just follow simple steps to send installed apps between two devices.

Here is the complete and detailed article on how to send app using Xender.

  • First of all you need to install Xender app on both devices. You can install the app from Google Play Store in case you own Android phone.
  • Once you have installed the Xender on your phone, just open it now.
  • After installation, “Edit your name” and “Insert a photo” for creating a more user friendly profile. This will help your friends to identify your app instantly.
  • Now the next step is sending app using Xender. By default, all the installed apps and games will be shown. In case you want to send other media files, go through next categories.
  • Now tap on “Connect with friends” or “Connect phone” option.
  • Now two options will be shown “Create Group” and “Join Group”.
  • Sender will use the first option while the receiver will use join group option.
  • Wifi hotspot has been created and is visible on both devices.
  • Now select your app you want to send. Once selected, long press on it. Select “Share” or “Send” option. On receiver device, file transfer status will show up.
  • That’s it! This was the easiest process of transferring installed app on Android phone using Xender.